Pricing: Profitability Starts Here!

The price you charge is one of the most important on-going business decisions you’ll make.  If you charge too much, you will lose sales.  If you don’t charge enough, you will overload your pipeline with busywork and high maintenance clients preventing you from growing your business.

The key is to find a balance and set the right price.  The process is easy when you make pricing a priority and create a solid strategy that not only covers your costs, but also reflects the value you provide.

Create a Price Strategy

The good news is pricing boils down to these 7 steps.

  1. Create a pricing plan that considers your financial goals and ideal client.
  2. Research your target market and competitors.
  3. Measure the value you provide and shift your mindset away from billing by the hour.
  4. Set the right price that matches the value you provide.
  5. Package your services in a way that makes price irrelevant.
  6. Run a reality check to make sure you not only cover your costs but the packages help you accomplish your goals.
  7. Present your services with confidence and blow your competition away.

How Panoramic can help you.

Through my blog, webinars and YouTube channel, you’ll receive tips, tricks and strategies for setting the right price, identifying when it is time to raise prices, and how to raise prices without upsetting your existing clients.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just getting started, you’ll discover valuable insights that will put more money in your pocket.

A quick solution would be to purchase a Pricing Strategy Session. We’ll create a customized strategy to maximize your profit and make selling your services easier.

Not sure where to start? No problem. The Stuck to Unstoppable Strategy Session was created for you. We’ll talk about what’s on your mind.  You’ll get quick answers to your burning questions and shorten your learning curve.

I want you to be successful, so contact me if you don’t find a solution to your problem. Panoramic is available to help you mark the accounting stuff off your to-do list, so you can get back to your business.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Get Started information package.

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