14 Low-cost Ways to Protect Your Assets

The typical business loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud, and the typical length of fraud is 18 months. If your gross revenue is $5 million, this means you could lose $375,000 before you discover an employee has stolen from you. Below is a list of fairly simple and inexpensive ways to help protect […]

8 Misconceptions about Employee Theft

A healthy dose of skepticism is required to run a successful business. Do you allow these misconceptions to cloud your judgment?      1.    Fraud only affects your wallet. False – Employee theft not only hurts you financially; it also affects your reputation in the community and your relationships with your banker, customers, vendors, employees and […]

11 Ways Employees Can Steal from You Without Access to Your Bank Account

Business owners often ask “How can my employees steal from me since I sign checks?” My response is “Let me count the ways.” Most companies take extra precautions to protect blank checks, but they ignore the countless other ways employees can steal.  Methods of stealing is limited only by one’s imagination.      1.      Bogus Expense Receipts […]