Should You Use Personal Savings To Start A Business?

Should You Use Personal Savings To Start A Business

Over the past month, we’ve covered a number of ways you can find money to either start or grow your business ventures, but there is one method that comes up a lot in business conversations: Should personal savings be used to start a business? The answer is complicated. Using savings to start your business can […]

Venture Capital: A Funding Source For Rapidly Growing Companies

Venture Capital: A Funding Source For Rapidly Growing Companies

If you’re like a lot of new business owners, you are probably busy reading every bit of business advice you can get your hands on. You are also probably always on the lookout for funding. Many business magazines and online articles talk a lot about companies gaining funding through venture capital firms, but for those […]

4 Tips for Getting a Business Loan

How to get a business loan

Business loans are among the most common ways small companies opt to finance their operations. But actually getting a loan can sometimes be tricky – you generally can’t just waltz into a bank and expect to walk out with hundreds of thousands of dollars for you company. There are rules to be followed, and you […]

Grow Your Very Own Money Tree

Grow Your Very Own Money Tree

You have a great idea that’s been mulling around in your brain for a while. After discussing it with friends and family, you have started to think that it could actually work – you could have a successful business on your hands, if you work for it. You’ve thought everything out, writing down ideas, and […]

Happiness, Productivity, and Your Bottom Line

Happiness, Productivity, and Your Bottom Line

While the focus of most of my blogs on Panoramic is of a financial nature, I’m also interested in how certain behaviors and habits can have an effect on the success of a business. Business owners have to learn so much in a short period of time – they are expected to be leaders, team […]

10 Apps To Boost Your Accounting Routine

10 Apps to Boost Your Accounting Routine

In this era of technology, there are so many tools available to help with various aspects of your business. Sorting through all of the noise to find the most useful software can be tough – trust me, I’ve spent hours looking at all of the technology available to accountants and financial professionals! It can become […]

Do I Really Need Accounting Software?

Do I Really Need Accounting Software

It’s something that business owners hear fairly often – you need to have good accounting software. As a CPA, I agree that having a system that accurately tracks your numbers is very important, but for some people (especially those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy) it’s not a requirement. Very small business may do just fine using […]

Accounting 101: What You Need To Get Started

Accounting 101 What You Need To Get Started

It very hard for me to believe this, but it seems to be a fact – most people are not super excited about tracking figures, organizing spreadsheets, and making sure that all the numbers add up. It’s true, most new business owners are just not that excited about the accounting side of their venture. They’re […]

How Much Should I Spend on Marketing?

How Much Should I Spend on Marketing

How much should you spend on marketing as a new business? This is a question I’m asked on a regular basis, and like so many other questions, the answer is: It depends. As with a lot of the topics I discuss on my site, there is a lot more to this question beyond just a […]

Tips for Finding a Small Business Accountant

Tips for Finding the Right Small Business Accountant

It’s a brand new year, and a lot of part-time entrepreneurs are officially ready to make the leap into running their own business as a full-time endeavor. One of the first things you should do as a new business owner (or as an existing business owner, if you haven’t already) is find an accountant. “But […]